đź‘‹Welcome to the California Filament Community Forum


Welcome to California Filament🎉

California Filament believes that we do well when our filament does well for you. If our filament is not working well for you, we offer free returns. We hope you'll try our product.

The tricky thing with 3D printing is there are so many variables - type of plastic, additives, coloring, printer model, ambient humidity, filament storage, print settings, bed type, nozzle type, slicer - you all know this. Trying to help our customers solve this complexity is part of our job so we’ve launched this community forum. We endeavor to offer exemplary customer service, but the difficulty is that often times we don’t know the answer. There are many specifics about each of our customers’ unique printing environments. We’ve done our best to listen to customers’ feedback, experience, difficulties, and successes, so that we can share what works and doesn’t.

In order to fulfill our mission to provide customers filament that works well for them, we need to help connect these dots. That is why we created the California Filament Community Forum. Please be respectful of one another on this forum and share as much as you can - it really will help other 3D printers!

We welcome your feedback, suggestions, and comments both on this forum, via email at hello@californiafilament.com, or on our website chat.